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ReaderLink is the acknowledged industry leader in applying technology to drive sales, increase operational efficiencies and lower supply-chain costs by greatly reducing returns. Our capabilities allow insight-driven decisions and actions to enable us to ultimately deliver the right titles in the right quantities to the right stores at the right time.

Our proprietary Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) System utilizes machine learning algorithms to predict the demand in each store for major bestsellers and new releases, based on actual historical sales patterns. Designed and developed by ReaderLink, VMI is already producing benefits in sales and sell-through, and serves as the cloud-based platform for reporting critical supply chain information to ReaderLink's retailers and supplier partners.

ReaderLink’s state of the art business analysis platform, called Insight, provides detailed historical business analysis from macro to granular data levels. ReaderLink’s ability to collect valuable data (consumer, customer, category, channel, format, genre, title) and mine that data to uncover patterns and derive actionable business insights provides our retailers and supplier partners with a powerful competitive advantage. Through the latest technology of cloud based data warehousing, ReaderLink is able to support category management efforts, identify and improve financial trends, monitor return rates and trends, identify better merchandising strategies and improve logistics efficiency.”

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